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euromicron is one of the developers of EDEKA’s “Store of the Future”

Standing in a line at the supermarket checkout is a thing of the past. Anyone visiting EDEKA’s “Store of the Future” can experience shopping that offers unrivalled convenience and better service. The objective of the project was to create an internal showroom where business administrators at the EDEKA Group’s around 12,000 stores can see live how they can equip a customer-centric supermarket in future. A total of 17 industry partners were involved in developing the demo store in Hamburg. They are showcasing innovative processes – from the e-label, stock analyses to the self-checkout or tunnel scanner. “EDEKA scrutinized our efficiency and solution competence thoroughly,” states Frank Neffe, Head of System Technology at euromicron Deutschland. euromicron’s contribution to the “Store of the Future” is an intelligent analysis and control system based on video technology. Together with our partners Axis and Aimetis, we have developed something absolutely new here. As part of this work, euromicron acts as an experienced system integrator with its specialization in the field of IP and video. 

Heat maps show movements

The solution is based on capturing images of the salesroom using video technology. Cameras record all movements in the store and transfer the image data to a computer. Analysis software evaluates it on the basis of a wide range of different criteria and makes the results available in the form of a report. How many customers visit the supermarket at what time of day? Which aisles are most frequented? And in front of which products do shoppers stay longest? The analysis system processes such information using what are termed heat maps. That means only movements are recorded – faces or personal data are not stored. Nevertheless, a whole lot of nformation can be obtained from the heat maps and help change how a store is organized, for example to ascertain where articles in a special promotion can best be placed or whether goods on display are even noticed – and finally how long the line at the checkout is. The store manager is then informed and a new checkout is opened right away – after all, no one wants to wait. However, the analysis software can do even more. Empty shelves are detected and the replenishment service automatically notified. A person standing a particularly long time in front of a shelf could also trigger notification: Perhaps he or she needs assistance? That is certainly one of the greatest advantages of the analysis and control system. It improves processes at the store so that staff has more time to advise and help customers.

Complex technology – simple application

“This system harbors a great degree of complexity,” explains Frank Neffe. But the people who use it – store managers and their team – do not notice any of that. At the end of the day, they have a easily comprehensible report in their hands and benefit – like customers – from simpler and more cost-effective processes.” That means for the euromicron team: Installation and configuration must be excellently prepared so that implementation at the individual store proceeds quickly. The feedback from EDEKA’s Store of the Future is good. Nevertheless, euromicron is continuing to optimize the solution. “This is the first system of its kind,” says an enthusiastic Frank Neffe. “We are absolute pioneers here. The next thing we need are apps for the iPhone.”

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